Thursday, February 4, 2010


The Undirected Walk 1/30

This is supposed to be in a swiss town....... pretty good for being walking distance from Midland Bible Church.

Shuman Quirks 2/30

After two months of filming we have found that Shuman is not the most conventional director you will ever find.

HomeFront Scene 1/22

This is one of the many homefront houses we will be using for the film. We are having trouble finding houses that have everything we need for the film. We need a house with a 1940 or older porch, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Plus, for most of these houses the furniture is forbidden to use. The students grandparents, and great grandparents have been the primary solution for the problem.


Here are some portraits of two of our main characters, played by Noah T...

...and Lydia D. We hope you all are enjoying the updates. Leave us comments! Feel free to ask us any questions you'd like about the movie!