Friday, January 28, 2011

First Day of Filming!

Hey everyone! I am so excited about the Fine Arts 2 movie this year, and cannot wait until we get to see the finished product. So much hard work has already been put into the making of this film, but there is still so much more to do. So, I get the opportunity of keeping all of you updated along the way! :)

Filming Day 1:
We began filming on Saturday, January 15, and everyone on the set had so much fun! Also, people really got to decide what areas of the movie they liked being apart of. Such as: working the camera, sound, lighting, acting, so on and so forth. Personally, my favorite part was working with the sound team, hiding under various objects in order to keep hidden from the camera. One of our crew members, Grayson, got to work with the camera, and said, "Filming was a little stressful, but so much fun and that he loved every bit of it." That is just a little tidbit to let you know what goes on behind the scenes. Also, speaking of behind the scenes, we already have some pretty funny bloopers we cannot wait to show you all! So that is our first day in a nut shell, keep reading for more updates and enjoy these pics and videos from the first day of filming!

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