Friday, February 4, 2011


Filming Day 2:
Since many of the actors were gone for Bell Ball last weekend, day 2 filming took place on Wednesday, January 26. Even though we had to film on a weekday, we still accomplished everything we needed to, despite TONS of setbacks! We had equipment malfunctions, costumes missing, even ACTORS missing! God is so good!

Our movie this year is going to be set in the late 19th century, early 20th century, so everyone has a very distinct costume. The most amusing part of filming day 2 was that there was a little mix up in the costume department and Luke, one of the actors, did not have his tuxedo pants. Fortunately, with Mr. Shuman's expertise and a little movie magic, we were able to film just the top half of Luke, who was currently wearing jeans, until Mr. Davis got back with his tuxedo pants! Everything else ran really smoothly though!

Even though there were a few minor set backs, we still accomplished what we set out to do, and everyone hopefully had a good time doing so. I interviewed Eileen Small, who is an actor at Midland Community Theater, just before she was fixing to act in our movie, and she said: "I am really excited for a chance to act on camera because I have never really done that before, this is going to be a great experience."

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