Saturday, March 6, 2010

Actress Lydia D. Interview

The FA2 crew sat down for an interview with Lydia D. She is one of the many actresses in our film and has done a fantastic job so far & we have no doubt she will continue to do great! Here is what we got from her during our interview!

FA2: “What is your role or character in the movie?”

Lydia D: ”I am Louise, the fiancĂ© of Anthony.”

FA2: “What is it like having a big part in the film?”

Lydia D: “First off, it is a lot of fun, yet it is both challenging and an adventure. I am always eager to go out & produce the best product possible. I’ll do my part to make it great.”

FA2: “How much time have you spent on this production?”

Lydia D: “I would have to say at least twenty hours. In the beginning, we spent several long months just prepping for the movie, such as coming up with an idea, writing the script & figuring out all the props & costumes we will need for every scene. We have also had several 12+ hour Saturday’s filming since January. But it has all been worth it!”

FA2: “What kinds of things do you do before stepping in front of the camera?”

Lydia D: “I do my hair according to the time period, put on my makeup, dress in the right costume, get into character and mentally focus. Sometimes it is a challenge to get focused.”

FA2: “Why is it challenging to get focused?”

Lydia D: “Sometimes, I just like to be goofy and have a good time, but most of the scenes require me to be calm and serious.“

FA2: “How do you get into character?”

Lydia D: “The night before (Friday night) I go over my lines by myself and then again right before we film. For the more intense scenes I try to think of something that will get me in the mood.”

FA2: “What has been the hardest scene for you personally?”

Lydia D: “The last scene. It was hard to portray the right emotion for the closing of the movie, because this scene is a “make it or break it” to our whole movie. We had to do a good job pulling off the last scene in order for our whole movie to be great.”


Stay tuned for more interviews and behind the scenes footage!

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