Friday, March 5, 2010

Brown-Dorsey Medallion Home Interview

The FA2 crew sat down for an interview with Diann Dow, one of the caretaker/operators of the Brown-Dorsey Medallion Home, to see what she thought of all of this crazy filming that has been going on lately, and here is what we got!

FA2: "What was your first reaction when a bunch of high school kids wanted to film in your house?"
Diann: "Well... I was surprised that y'all wanted to do something so ambitious! But then after I was told the story about what y'all were going to do, I was just as enthused as y'all were. Y'all were just so sincere and I thought that y'all could really make a go of it!"

FA2: "Were you ever fearful for the safety of this house? I mean after all, we are a bunch of high school seniors!"
Diann: "Nooo, because I was going to be here to watch y'all! (hahahaha) I had other people that I consulted with to get the go on it, it wasn't just me. Pat McDaniel, who is the director of the Haley Library and Museum and involved with the Midland County Historical Society, is in charge of the house, and so we agreed that it was a wonderful project and that we should support it wholeheartedly!"

FA2: "Is there anything that your most excited about in our movie? Maybe a certain scene that you've seen filmed?"
Diann: "Well, my dad's brother was a pilot in WW2, and he wrote letters home, and my grandmother was waiting on letters from him, too. He was fighting from out of North Africa, and was flying planes into Italy, and in a way he was doing the same thing that this story is telling about. So, our family kinda went through the same thing. It's almost felt like deja vu! The same thing was happening in the house again that had happened in 1944. [...] I'm glad that this house can be remembered in such a way."


We are so thankful and appreciative of all the people at the Brown-Dorsey Medallion Home for their generosity in letting us film there for the past 6 weeks and look forward to being able to share with them in the excitement of the April 30 premiere!

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