Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interview with Music Producers Connor and Caleb

FA2 Team conversed with the music producers for the FA2 Film Correspondence to find out what goes through their minds as they write the music.

FA2 - What has been your musical inspiration to write this style of music for this FA2 film?
Connor - Probably for the most part groups such as Benny Goodman. They have really been the main inspiration for me at this point.
Caleb - To be honest, most of my inspiration has come from Conner! He usually commits the general theme to music and I come back in behind him and critique it, change it, alter some of the notes, and he either agrees or disagrees. We've butted heads a couple of times over that last part!

FA2 - When you write this music do you tend to write it before or after the Fine Arts team has filmed it and you have had a chance to see the scene?
Connor - I tend to write the music before I see the scene, just because I have had a surplus of music already finished.
Caleb - To put it in perspective, we started writing music the first week of school and didn't touch a camera for Correspondence until mid January.

FA2- What is your favorite instrument that has been involved in the process of creating your masterpiece ?
Conner - I think I have probably enjoyed the piano the most.
Caleb - Conner's mind.

Fa2- How much time would you say you have put in so far in this whole process of writing?
Connor- To put it in terms any MCA student could understand, easily an MH worth of time (about 20-30 hours).
Caleb - Oh gosh, I don't honestly know. I mean, we are even using some music that we began writing last year, so I would guess closer to the 100 hour mark.

FA2 - Is your job stressful at all, or does it just come naturally?
Connor - I think it is easier for me than most because I do not find it stressful at all.
Caleb - I would say it's within every person's character to enjoy music. For us, music is our passion and so we enjoy the writing process as well as all the other aspects. It's been a lot of fun to be working with this project.

FA2 - If you could do this whole process over again, making a movie, writing a soundtrack, would you?
Connor - Yes, I would for sure do it again, it has been a real enjoyment.
Caleb - I would say yes. There are some things I wish I knew that could have kept me from making so many mistakes and wasting time along the way, but absolutely, yes.

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