Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interview with Sound Rabbit Hannah S.

The FA2 team met with Hannah S., one of the sound rabbits for the film, to ask her about her experiences so far with the film making process.

FA2: What all do you do for the FA2 film?
Hannah: I'm on the sound team, premiere team, and costume team. For the sound team I hold a mic all day with a sound belt around my waist. I have to listen to any ambient noise, paying attention to both boom mics. I try my hardest to ensure that we get the best sound quality possible. Earlier in the year we also discussed and typed out all of the costumes we would need for each scene. For the premiere team I have been responsible for securing a premiere location. Once the premiere gets closer I will be responsible for advertising the movie, selling tickets, and basically getting everything ready for the night the movie shows.

FA2: What do you dislike most about being a sound rabbit?
Hannah: Cords. They are...always getting wrapped around my feet and making me trip!

FA2:What has it been like to see the film evolve over the year?
Hannah: At the beginning of the year I thought our film was way too ambitious for the abilities our class had. However as filming has progressed and the weeks of hard work have been accomplished I've realized how much skill, talent, and hard work our class possesses. So I think our film is going to be fantastic and will definitely be achieved.

FA2: Since you also acted in the film, how different is it being behind the camera as opposed to being in front of it?
Hannah :They are two completely opposite spectrums. On screen, people are dependent on you, because the acting is one of the more important components of a scene. You have to know your lines and its just more stress, for me at least. Behind the scenes people are still dependent on you but its not as much pressure because you can always voice over bad sound.

FA2: What have you learned from being in a FA2 Production?
Hannah: I think I have definitely learned that you have to depend on and trust each other whether that be everyone being on time or listening to each others ideas. You just become a family in all the essential ways especially by gaining a fun, loving, respectful relationship with everybody.

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