Saturday, March 13, 2010

Interview with Editor Michael M.

The Fine Arts 2 Blog team sat down with Michael M., one of the main editors of the movie, to talk a little bit about the editing process so far.

FA2: What has editing been like so far?
Michael: The editing process has been very long, it has taken a lot time. I have spent probably close to 40 hours editing scenes and working on some of the music.

FA2: Has it been tough?
Michael: There are times where some scenes can be finished quickly, but it can be challenging. Recently I edited a whole scene and then found out the footage was not uploaded to the computer properly and the fullscreen/widescreen proportions were messed up. Prior to that I spent 5 hours working on it. I had to delete the whole scene and footage and upload it and edit it all over.

FA2: Have you had any prior experience editing before the movie?
Michael: My friends and I have made some comedy rap music videos and I edited those.

FA2: What do you like about editing the most?
Michael: I like making the scenes flow, for example, if someone is sitting with their arm on their leg and they start to move their hand up in the air. It has been fun to match that movement with different camera angles, meaning while they move their arm up I switch to a different angle, but their arm is still moving. It flows smoothly.

FA2: What has the editing process taught you overall?
Michael: Patience. It takes a lot of time to edit a scene. I'm used to editing quickly, but I have to carefully watch every single thing in a scene to make sure everything flows properly.

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